Independent Living NJ | Fritz Reuter Lifecare Retirement Community
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New Jersey Independent Living for Seniors

Independent living in a retirement home offers the same flexibility as living in an apartment. The only difference is that residents will have access to the best amenities, as well as specialized care should the need arise. Unlike at assisted living facilities, independent living seniors can choose not to share rooms. They also have full control over their day’s activities.


Our independent living apartments and homes offer the best amenities within and beyond New Jersey. Many of our independent living units for seniors include these premium features:


• A fully-equipped kitchen
• Tasteful, European interiors and hardwood floors
• Walk-in closets
• Emergency call bells in all rooms including bathrooms
• Private balconies


The Fritz Reuter Lifecare Retirement Community also maintains guest rooms for visitors within the property.


Contact us now to schedule a visit to our independent living community in New Jersey.


Note: Residents choosing to reside in the Independent Apartments must be totally independent.


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.